National Tariff Commission (NTC) is an autonomous organization established under NTC Act, 2015 (previously NTC Act, 1990).  

The Commission comprises of one Chairman and four Members assisted by three Directorates, who conduct the antidumping investigation. NTC is a lean organization having 35 officers and 77 support staff.

Further, the NTC is entrusted to administer to trade remedies laws of Pakistan to implement Pakistan’s WTO treaty obligations. These trade remedy laws include Anti-Dumping Duties Act, 2015, Countervailing Duties Act, 2015 and Safeguard Measures Ordinance, 2002.

Besides, NTC works as a think tank for the Government of Pakistan in formulation of National Tariff Policy and rationalization of customs Tariff Structure. NTC advise the Federal Government on Tariff and other Trade measures to provide assistance to domestic industry and to improve its competitiveness. We also work on removal of Tariff anomalies and on proposals for Tariff reforms.