1. The functions of the Commission shall be to advise the Federal Government on,-
    1. tariff and other trade measures to,-
      1. provide assistance to the domestic industry; and
      2. improve the competitiveness of the domestic industry.
    2. trade remedy actions being faced by domestic producers and exporters;
    3. rationalization of tariff and proposals for tariff reform;
    4. removal of tariff anomalies; and
    5. any other matter relating to tariff or trade measures that the Federal Government may refer to the Commission.
  2. In addition to the functions specified in sub-section (1), the Commission shall also perform such functions with respect to international trade and other matters that may be assigned to it by the trade remedies laws or any other law for the time being in force.
  3. Where the Federal Government has adopted the recommendations of the Commission in whole or part, the Commission shall periodically review the effect of such recommendations and in consequence of the review may give further recommendations to the Federal Government.
  4. The Commission shall advise, where possible, the domestic exporters and producers facing trade remedy investigations abroad.
  5. The Commission shall assist the Federal Government at the World Trade Organization dispute settlement body in respect of matters pertaining to the Trade Remedy Laws, WTO Covered Agreements and disputes under other trade agreements.
  6. The Commission may undertake research to facilitate effective implementation of Trade Remedy Laws and tariff rationalization, in a manner to be prescribed.