The functions of the NTC are advising the Federal Government on matters relating to tariff rationalization and assistance to the industry for improving its competitiveness.

The NTC also administers /implements the three trade remedy laws since 2002. Through trade remedy laws the Commission imposes anti-dumping duties, countervailing duties and safeguard measures in order to providing level playing field to the domestic industry for a period of five years.

The NTC initiates an antidumping investigation on the basis of formal application filed on the prescribed Antidumping Application available on the NTC website: or on its own motion.

The Commission imposes Provisional Antidumping measures on dumped imports of a product within four to six months from the date of initiation, after it makes a preliminary determination on:

  1. dumping of the product concerned;
  2. material injury to the domestic industry; and
  3. causal relationship between dumped imports and material injury.

The Commission conducts Hearing and issues Statement of Essential Fact (SEF) before reaching a Final Determination within twelve months of the Initiation.

The Commission makes Final Determination and imposes antidumping measures to offset the injury suffered by the domestic industry due to dumped imports, for a period of up to five (5) years extendable for another period of Five years after Sunset Reviews.