Press Releases

DatePress Releases
March 15, 2022Seminar on Bi-lateral Safeguards Under Pak – China FTA and Trade Remedial Measures.
September 01, 2021Tariff Protection to Domestic Industry Producing the IVY Leaf and Tribulus Extract.
February 12, 2021Tariff Rationalization of Automotive Parts Value Chain.
November 17, 2020Tariff Rationalization of H.S Code 8414.3020 Auto Air-Conditioners Compressor with HCFC and NON-CFC Gases.
March 09, 2020Reduction of Custom Duty to Zero on Raw Material for Manufacturing of Solid Surface Sheet.
February 17, 2020Removal of Tariff Anomaly in the Tariff Structure of Printing Industry.
January 31, 2020Review of Tariff Structure Governing Steel Sector (Long and Flat Products).
January 07, 2020Request to Impose Regulatory Duty (RD) on Import of Crank Shaft for Motorcycles (H.S. Code 7326.1910).
September 23, 2019Review of Tariff Structure of the Industry Manufacturing First Aid Bandages & Surgical Tapes.
September 23, 2019Removal of Tariff/ Fiscal Anomaly pertaining to the Tariff Structure of Baby & Children Nutrition Formulae.
September 23, 2019Review of Tariff Structure of the Wire Rods Manufacturing Industry.
July 31, 2019 Imposition of 25% Regulatory Duty on Export of Waste and Scrap of Brass.
July 08, 2019Tariff Protection/Assistance To The Domestic Aluminium Caps Manufacturing Industry
April 12, 2019Application for Tariff Protection/Assistance to Indegenous Industry Manufacturing Styrene Acrylic Emulsion.
December 24, 2018Request For Removal Of Fiscal Anomaly In The Import Of Co-Polyamide & Co-Polyester And Reduction Of Customs Duty On Import Of Co-Polyester.
December 24, 2018 Review of Tariff Structure Of The Domestic Industry Manufacturing Laminated Board.
August 09, 2017Protection/Assistance to the Indigenous Industry Manufacturing Ball Point Pens and Gel Pens.
August 8, 2017Protection/Assistance to the Indigenous Industry Manufacturing Medium Density Fiberboard(MDF).
March 17, 2017Review of Tariff Structure of the Domestic Industry Manufacturing Pencils.
May 09, 2016Assistance/protection through Tariff to the Electric Cable Manufacturing Industry.
February 18, 2016Removal of Tariff Anomaly of Paper, Paperboard and Related Items.