Imran Zia


Mr. Imran Zia was appointed as Member, National Tariff Commission (NTC) on August 30, 2023 by the Government of Pakistan for a period of five years.  He holds Master’s Degree in Economics from Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad.

In his role as Member, NTC, he is looking after the work relating to tariffs rationalization and other measures to provide assistance to the domestic industry and to make it competitive, under National Tariff Commission Act, 2015. He also oversees the administration of trade remedy laws. He brings a diversified and vast experience spanning over a period of more than thirty years at various positions in the NTC, which largely pertained to resolving the problems of the domestic industries through tariff rationalization or by providing remedy by way of antidumping duties against unfair trade practice of dumping.

Had worked with Tariff Reforms Committee setup in August 1993 under the Chairmanship of the Minister for Commerce (Dr. Hafiz A. Pasha) and a Report of Tariff Reforms (to be carried out in phases) was prepared. Worked along with the than Member, NTC for the Special Committee set-up in the Ministry of Commerce under the then Commerce Minister (Mr. Razzaq Dawood) on Tariff Reforms implemented in the budgets of FY2001 and FY2002, when the tariffs were rationalized by bringing down the maximum rate of customs duty from 35% to 25% with five tariff slabs.

Mr. Imran received trainings on administration of Trade Remedy Laws and WTO Dispute Settlement Mechanism from the Counsellors of Rules / Legal Affairs Divisions at the WTO in 2001, at US Department of Commerce and US International Trade Commission in 2002, World Trade Institute, Bern, Switzerland (a part of MILE Programme) in 2005, and at European Commission (Antidumping Investigating Authority of the EU) in 2006 and 2013.

He worked as investigating officer (being Director) or supervised (as D.G) more than 60 anti- dumping investigations, involving dumped imports of different products into Pakistan from various countries including Tinplate, Formic Acid, UFMC, Hydrogen Peroxide, Phthalic Anhydride, Polyester Staple Fiber, Tiles, Coated Paper Board, Cold Rolled Coils, Colour Coated Coils, Wire Rods, Certain Writing Paper, Sorbitol, Formic Acid etc. that caused material injury to the domestic industry. In all these antidumping investigations detailed analysis of data / information was carried out and after due process under Antidumping Duties Ordinance, 2000 (Now Antidumping Duties Act, 2015) final / definitive antidumping duties were imposed in approximately 50 cases /investigations.

He  has also assisted Pakistani exporters facing dumping and countervailing investigations in various countries / regions, by providing legal /technical assistance to Pakistani exporters of Bedlinen (Antidumping case by EU), Potassium Silicate (Countervailing case by Canada), Poplin Cloth (Antidumping case by Peru), PET Resin (Countervailing case by EU), Circular Welded Steel Pipes (Antidumping / Countervailing case by USA), Match Boxes (Antidumping case by Egypt), Hydrogen Peroxide (Antidumping case by India).

Conducted more than 40 seminars for Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Trade Associations (FPCCI, Pakistan Business Council, Pakistan Chemicals Manufacturers Association, Pakistan Steel Melters Associations etc). He provided trainings on trade policies issue particularly on the Role and Functions of the WTO, Trade Remedy Laws and WTO Dispute Settlement, at LUMS, Lahore, Pakistan Institute of Trade and Development (PITAD), International Islamic University, Islamabad (WTO Diploma Course) and Foreign Services Academy.