Clean, Plastic free and Green Pakistan Drive

Government of Pakistan
National Tariff Commission

Islamabad, August 02, 2019

Press Release

National Tariff Commission (NTC) launched a 'Clean, Plastic free and Green Pakistan Drive' on Monday, July 29, 2019. 

The objective of the campaign was to create awareness amongst the Officers Staff and their families as well as general public to support Government of Pakistan’s Policy of  clean green,  plastic free and sustainable environment.

First event of this drive focused on cleanliness of the surroundings of Faisal Masjid and Trail 6. The Members of the Commission, Mr. Tippu Sultan and Mrs. Anjum Assad Amin led the cleanliness campaign. Apart from Officers and officials of NTC, Ministry of Commerce, Wildlife Department, representatives of TTH club Islamabad, the citizens of Islamabad also attended the event at large. The event also invoked keen interest of media who covered the event well.

The participants cleared the surroundings of Faisal Masjid and Trail 6 area from the left over plastic wrappers etc. for over two hours. NTC Members observed that such healthy activities provide the Officers and Staff with opportunity to demonstrate cooperation, teamwork, and cooperation for their efficient performance.