Guidelines for Filing an Anti-Dumping Importer's Application

The respondent must ensure that:

  • the information required to be kept confidential is marked as such and non-confidential summary of the confidential information is provided to place it in the public file. (Section 31 of Anti-dumping Duties Ordinance 2000. "the ordinance")
  • the information given meets the requirement of the questionnaire . In case any information could not be provided, the efforts made to obtain such information should be mentioned.
  • data required in the form should be provided for two years prior to date (mentioned in covering letter) when dumping started till date of submission of the application.
  • the declaration is completed & signed.

This questionnaire is designed to obtain information the Commission deems necessary for its investigation in the subject case.
It is in your interest to reply as accurately and completely as possible and to attach all the supporting documents as requested. If the required information is not communicated to the Commission within the time limit specified, the Commission is authorized to make preliminary determination or final determination on the basis of information available in accordance with the section 32 (1) of "the Ordinance". If you don not cooperate with the Commission, it may use information adverse to your interest.
If you have any queries about questionnaire you should contact the Commission in writing within 15 days of receipt of the questionnaire.
You should follow the following instructions:

  1. A cover letter to your response should describe your business, including a brief history of when it was established and its main lines of activity. The letter should include a table of contents of your response. You may also express any views, opinions or other information you feel will be helpful to the Commission in reaching its determinations concerning alleged dumping and consequent material injury.
  2. Answers to the questions must follow the respective format given in the questionnaire. In your response please repeat the questions, followed by your answers. The Commission, upon request, will provide you with an electronic version of this questionnaire to make preparing your response more efficient. Please ensure your answers are as full and complete as possible to enable the Commission to understand them. You may, if desired, answer question which require a large amount of discussion in a separately numbered attachment to the questionnaire. Your response should be in two paper versions and one electronic version so that the Commission can accurately and promptly process your databases.
  3. All worksheets and documents compiled to answer the questionnaire in particular those linking the information supplied with management record and audited or unaudited accounts must be retained for inspection.
  4. The pages of the answer to the questionnaire should be consecutively numbered. Appendices should have their own numbering system which includes the number of the appendix and page number, (e.g. 3-1, 3-2. etc.) If any of your answers to the question require an attachment, for example a copy of an agreement, the attachment should be identified by the question to which it responds, and page number. For example, a copy of an agreement to share advertising expenses in Pakistan in response to question 4.6 would be attachment 4.6 with consecutively numbered pages, 4.6/1, 4.6/2, etc. This will allow the Commission staff to readily relate the attachments to the response and refer to them in their written analysis of the investigation.
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